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Heavenly Scent of Houma

When Heavenly Scent of Houma opened 27 years ago, it was with one vision – to
help people improve their lives through herbal supplements. This vision is evident
by the passion described by the owner. Our store is independently owned and
operated and easy to reach in Houma, LA. We provide products created from
natural ingredients giving you the benefit of healing properties that have been
around for centuries so you can live your best life!

Business Owner’s Spirituality Births Passion for Wellness

After my husband died in 1989, I didn’t know what to do to make ends meet. 
    “I said, Lord, what am I going to do?” “He said, ‘Go out and teach the people about herbs for they know not what to do with them.’” 

    This was the beginning of what would become, in 1994, Heavenly Scent a health food, wellness and vitamin shop, located at 1437 St. Charles St. in Houma, LA.

    “People always tell us, it feels like you have arms around you when you walk in”. Here at Heavenly Scent we give discounts for veterans, firefighters, policemen and women, and servicemen and women. 

    With most of the products, like Nikken magnets and essential oils, I introduced them into the shop when I started to see their benefit in my own personal life. “I started telling people what I went through”.  

“People need someone they can talk to. They come to us. Sometimes, we pray with them”. “The friendliness that we have, and the kindness make people love coming over here. Every time I’ve moved locations, people would thank me for not closing. You’ve got to have that click with the clientele.” 

As with most things in my life and with my business, I feel there is a reason for everything. 

“God puts us here for a reason, and this is our reason,” Barbara Romero 

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